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We are inviting to ecological classes run by the Training and Research Center in Renewable Energy Sources. Center as one from few in Poland is conducting research and teaching in the renewable energy field. Classes are dedicated for primary, secondary and post-secondary students.


Depends on the age group classes take the form of  entertainment, the talk, the lecture or exercises. Through activity methods that we use, the acquired knowledge remains for ages in the memory. The program of the classes includes motor and outdoor classes. On request there is a possibility of organising a bonfire.

In the terms of organization groups should not have more than 30 students. Classes last about 3-5 hour.

Subjects of classes:

-Solar energy

-Water energy

-Geothermal energy

-Wind energy


-Waste segregation

-How to save the energy?

After an earlier agreement we also organize activities and thematic workshops. In addition to activities carried out in the center there is also the possibility of conducting classes in school.

Participation in the classes after an earlier appointment.

Contact person:

mgr inż. Barbara Dobrowolska - specjalista ds. edukacji ekologicznej

tel. 091 483 54 50

e-mail: barbara.debowska@ar.szczecin.pl

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